Comparison of “House Of The Dragon” Characters Height

How to add a character from House of the Dragon

Click “Add person” -> “select famous person”. His name and height will be substituted in the addition form. Then you can change the color of the character.

How to add yourself

Click “Add person”. Fill in your name and height in feet or centimeters. Change the color if you want.

What is the height of the characters in the House of the Dragon

Daemon Targaryen6 foot 2 inches
Rhaenyra Targaryen5 foot 7 inches
Corlys Velaryon6 foot 6 inches
Aemma Arryn5 foot 7 inches
Jacaerys Velaryon6 foot 3 inches
Rhaegar I Targaryen5 foot 11 inches
Aethan Velaryon6 foot 1 inches
Balerion557 foot 9 inches
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  1. Matthew

    Compared myself with the shortest 2 people here, and I was around their size compared to others.

  2. sindy

    this is really good

  3. патрон

    сравнила себя с балерион.Я ростом с него

  4. quenten strain

    why is there only one dragon here the name is house of dragonS plural